React Data GridRow Dragging Between Grids

Row Drag Between Grids is concerned with seamless integration among different grids, allowing records to be dragged from one grid and dropped at a specific index on another grid.

Adding a Grid as Target

To allow adding a grid as DropZone, the getRowDropZoneParams API method should be used in the target grid and the addRowDropZone in the source grid.

const dropZoneParams = targetGridApi.getRowDropZoneParams({
    onDragStop: function() {
        alert('Record Dropped!');


// when the DropZone above is no longer needed

In the example below, note the following:

  • When you drag from one grid to another, a line will appear indicating where the row will be placed.

  • Rows can be dragged from one grid to the other grid. When the row is received, it is not removed from the first grid. This is the choice of the example. The example could equally have removed from the other grid.

  • Rows can be removed from both grids by dragging the row to the 'Trash' drop zone.

  • New rows can be created by clicking on the red, green and blue buttons.

Dragging Multiple Records Between Grids

It is possible to drag multiple records at once from one grid to another.

In the example below, note the following:

  • This example allows for rowDragMultiRow, between grids. For more info on multiRowDrag within the grid see the Multi-Row Dragging section in the Row Dragging documentation.

  • This example allows you to toggle between regular multiRow selection and checkboxSelection. For more info see the Row Selection documentation.

  • When Remove Source Rows is selected, the rows will be removed from the Athletes grid once they are dropped onto the Selected Athletes grid.

  • If Only Deselect Source Rows is selected, all selected rows that were copied will be deselected but will not be removed.
    Note: If some rows are selected and a row that isn't selected is copied, the selected rows will remain selected.

  • If None is selected, the rows will be copied from one grid to another and the source grid will stay as is.