JavaScript Data Grid

Number Filter

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Number Filters allow you to filter number data.

Enabling Number Filters

The Number Filter can be configured as shown below:

const gridOptions = {
    columnDefs: [
            field: 'age',
            // configure column to use the Number Filter
            filter: 'agNumberColumnFilter',
            filterParams: {
                // pass in additional parameters to the Number Filter

    // other grid options ...

Example: Number Filter

The example below shows the Number Filter in action:

  • The first column shows the default Number Filter behaviour.
  • The second column demonstrates Custom Number Support and uses commas for decimals and allows a dollar sign ($) to be included.
  • Floating filters are enabled and also react to the configuration of allowedCharPattern.

Number Filter Parameters

Number Filters are configured though the filterParams attribute of the column definition (INumberFilterParams interface):