JavaScript Data GridSupported Browsers

All modules of AG Grid (Community, Enterprise and Charts) are tested to work with a wide array of browsers and operating systems.

We test against all the browser below. However we also work with other less common browsers by default. If the browsers / platform you are using is not listed below (eg Opera on Android) then we suggest testing the version of the grid you are interested in and making the decision for yourself. AG Grid is primarily concerned with supporting all common desktop and mobile browsers.

Desktop Browsers

The officially supported desktop browsers are as follows:

BrowserSupported Version
Chrome ChromeTwo latest major versions.
Firefox FirefoxTwo latest major versions.
Microsoft Edge Microsoft EdgeTwo latest major versions.
Safari SafariTwo latest major versions on OSX only (Microsoft Windows version not supported)

Mobile Browsers

The officially supported mobile browsers are as follows:

BrowserSupported Version
Safari iOS Safari iOSTwo latest major versions on iOS devices (iPad / iPhone) only.
Chrome ChromeTwo latest major versions on iOS devices (iPad / iPhone) and Android devices (Android phones and tablets).